Beware of hidden gifts and tricks

Receiving or giving something for free, is a tradition or custom that is inherited for generations, especially in families that seek to maintain unity with those details that may be useful for those loved ones, but it is not always a gesture of good faith and especially in the business world

The gifts that we usually see accompanying some type of propaganda for products, services or other interests, are not entirely free of tricks or hidden expenses
- Business opportunity presentations that are presented by leaders or recruiters, usually have product sales, advertisements, instructional videos and more
- The testimonials of people with economic gains that come from these business opportunities do not give the details of the good and bad steps of the process that they have gone through to achieve their results
- Motivational meetings that give away products or services, with the aim of increasing their followers in the business or specific market network, usually achieve followers who repeat what others do and in a short term abandon the opportunity
- There are people who act like follower sheep or monkeys who repeat the actions of others and both end up without goals, but making those supposed leaders or sharks of all sizes richer
- A true personal gift has good faith and will to continue giving to those people in need and who may have possibilities to improve the lifestyle
- A real gift in the business world and especially in market networking opportunities, is to give resources and support them all the time